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Endurance sports and dopingĀ 

My idea to create such a controversial blog like this one was to raise attention to the underground community in local running and cycling events. I have done extensive research on new ways to increase overall endurance rapidly with drugs that aren’t very openly discussed like most performance enhancing drugs e.g steroids hgh etc. I want to gather people for discussion, what is it about the sport that makes us curious enough to think about taking that road in performance, are we in it for the win? Bragging rights? Or just to just be as elite as we possibly can and reach new heights that not many people could ever think of reaching. My experiment is to take on a new marathon training program along with documenting what enhancements I’ll be taking, as safely and responsible as I can, and make the information easily available for the every day curious runner/cyclist. There is so much info for body builder but not for long distances enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you all, and look forward to hearing your stories and shed some light on the hidden secretive topic.